Mutilated, Paperback Will Patching

Mutilated, Will Patching

A serial killer challenges criminal profiler, Doctor Colin Powers, to solve several cold case mutilation murders, while Detective Inspector Jack Carver investigates a newly dismembered victim.
An unlikely coincidence?
Is a vicious psychopath from Doc’s past somehow involved, despite having been incarcerated for two decades?
And most importantly to Doc, where is his lover, Judy Finch, who went missing several months ago..?
Find out in Mutilated - the second 'stand alone' novel in this dark, gritty, British Crime Thriller trilogy.
The spine-chilling first book in this series, Remorseless, has been described by independent 5 star reviewers as 'British crime writing at its best', 'Right up there with James Patterson and Stephen King', and '...up there with Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid'.
"If you like your books well-written, suspenseful, with characters you can relate to, if you love horror that feels real and have a heart for people who are beyond the bounds of the social norm you need to read Mutilated."

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