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In the know! Not really, but we will add some snippets here of stuff we do get to know!

Christmas Gangstertour success! (update 15th December 2019)

Saturday 14th December was the second "Author's Actor's and Film-makers tour, The Christmas Special. We had a great turnout and it was an honour to meet you all. The tour took us through some great crime history as well as taking a special trip around London to take in the Christmas lights.
We hope that everyone had a great time, and took the opportunity to make new friends and connections. There WILL be more events in the future.. so watch this space!!

Christmas Gangstertour.

Londoncrime and Gangstertours are having the second "Author's, Actors and Film-makers" tour on December 14th at 5pm. After the success of the first tour, and everyone having a great time, it was decided to do another! This is a great opportunity for authors, actors and film makers to meet up, enjoy a terrific tour, get inspiration, meet and chat to to each other, and have fun!

"Once Upon A Time In London" Coming to Cinemas April 19th

The violent reign of 2 of London’s most notorious gangsters, Jack ‘Spot’ Comer & Billy Hill, is grippingly brought to the big screen. In Cinemas on April 19th..

New release in February for Award Winning Donna Siggers

Donna Siggers, The Award winning author of "Broken" and "Betrayal" is set to release her latest book in February. LOST SOUL: POETRY FROM A BROKEN MIND AND MY JOURNEY OF RECOVERY. This is Donna's personal account of the recovery from a serious head injury and the assault that nearly broke her. Donna's Challenges have been many and despite being left with PTSD and seizures she is rebuilding her life.

Kerry Kaya announces new Crime Novel

Kerry Kaya, author of the terrific "Barking Boy" (which I still believe should be made into a gritty film!) has a new gangland crime novel called Top Dog out in late February.. watch out for it on Londoncrime!

Gangstertours and Londoncrime, Special day


Special event from Londoncrime/Gangstertours for Authors, Actors and filmakers to get together, meet, share ideas, sell books, chat and have a thoroughly inspirational day on the gangstertous "Naughty Bus"!. If you are with us on Twitter or have your books on Londoncrime's website, then book your place on what is going to be an amazing day! June 1st 2019.

Made Men Production

Ok..So it's not London but is Great Britain! Made Men Production is happy to announce a new joint effort with Goodfella Productions on the machinima, Narcosantos (Narco Saints)
Wayne Clingman of WI based Made Men Production announced today that his company has launched a joint effort with Goodfella Productions, Glasgow Scotland, on a Machinima take on the world of the Cartels in Mexico and the U.S.A. Machinima being the art of filmmaking from inside a game system.
Wayne spoke out about how "far too little is told of how the world of the Cartels is having an influence on both sides of the border.” He believes that it’s “a story that must start being told."
Mr. Richard Reid of Goodfella Productions included, “knowing that this story is a break out, I feel that a machinima based on the GTA game platform is the best way to engage both an English speaking and Hispanic world in a short form way that can be consumed on a mobile device. Few, damn few if any, are combining this technology to reach out to tell the stories we have in store.”
Mr. Clingman went on to say, "to see the work that Richard Reid has done with Goodfella Productions and machinima opened up my eyes to fantastic possibilities in creative story telling."
The project, Narcosantos, tells of two hard men, both of them killers, trying to find redemption in whatever form it takes in a world gone mad. Does good still exist or is just all different shades of evil?
For More Information contact:

Wayne Clingman
Made Men Production