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Stop Knife Crime in the UK

Knife crime in the UK is always prevalent in our news and appears to be steadily rising for reasons including homicide, attempted murder, threats to kill, assault, robbery, rape and sexual assault.
Our streets no longer feel safe, communities are shattered through loss of young lives and imprisonments and it needs to stop NOW.
Many that carry knives say they carry them for their own protection, but evidence shows that those who carry knives for their own protection are more likely to become a victim as the knife can often be turned on them. However, some experts argue that often it is a fear of gangs and crime that leads to young people carrying knives because they believe it will help to keep them safe. Those weapons may then be used again which could make the number of violent incidents increase.
If you keep up to date with the news, you will soon realise that this problem isn't just from the youths, but from men and women of all ages.

We can all make a difference!

Get involved! Keep close and get in touch with local organisations that are working hard to rid the streets of Knife crime. If they are looking for volunteers to help, why not spare them some time?
We've followed the progress of a great community based organisation in London called "Binning Knives Saves Lives" headed up by Courtney Barrett, who started the initiative saying that he had been motivated by rising levels of knife crime close to his home in Leytonstone.
"Binning Knives Saves Lives" aim is to change the mindset of people as there is hope – if we all pull together we can make a massive difference. Aiming to visit busy places every week such as schools, colleges, churches and mosques to mentor youths and aim to unite as many organisations as possible with their knife amnesty bin to remove as many knives as possible off our streets.

Since the start of LONDONCRIME we have always had a close relationship and give our full support to "The Kofficial Foundation". For years the UK, and numerous other countries, has had to deal with austerity measures brought in by governments which inevitably has been passed onto local councils and authorities meaning a decrease in public funding for the youth of today. In essence this has created a lack of public services to enable children to reach their full potential resulting in gang warfare, knife crime and gun crime at an ever-evolving rate, thus destroying communities at the core. KOfficial’s aim is to revive and help set up programmes within local communities and help gyms to enable these youngsters to come off the streets to learn discipline, self-defence and nutrition. The concept of being part of a family, teaching them respect and hopefully enabling such changes may, inevitably produce future generations of world champions. Let's help to make the KOfficial ethos happen. Get in the ring! Or show your support and buy some decent designer sportswear and clothing from their terrific range at The Kofficial Store

Together we can make this possible.

Each and every one of us can make a difference by helping organisations, talking to your children, signing petitions and staying active. It's too easy to sit and watch more attacks and deaths unfold on the news. It will take perseverance and teamwork to make our streets safer. Share videos, images and use your social media to gain some following for this cause. Below we have a selection of images, films and more that you can share. These have been created by some great people that all wish to see an end to knife crime. They have put their own time into this, CAN YOU put some weight behind this campaign? HELP TO STOP KNIFE CRIME!

There should be a statutory minimum sentence for those found carrying a knife, the same as if carrying a firearm. With the reported 33% increase in knife crime since 2011 it is clear that there needs to be serious consideration for the punishment for those carrying offensive weapons.

Join millions of young people living #knifefree. Go and take a good look around #Knifefree

Knives Ruin Lives

caution..strong language

Stop Knife crime
Don't use Knives

Stop Knife crime
protect loved ones

Important message, please share
Stop Knife crime

Tackling knife crime is a priority for the police; whether you want to find out how you can help yourself, your friends or family you'll find practical help and advice HERE

Seek Advice!

Knife crime art
A child's perspective
A crime Author's View
Lenny McLean's word on Knives
Don't do it! Words to LIVE by

Stay safe, Drop the knives

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