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A Father's Son, David Breakspear, Paperback

A father's son
A Father's Son

The debut novel from our very own Londoncrime team member (and good friend) David Breakspear
To America and the streets of Chicago, where under the watch of the Outfit a wrong move could cost you your life, onto the back streets of East London in England where the wrong move cost more than a life.
A Father’s Son is the first of many books in which will combine a fictional story within the real world of organised crime.
It begins with the action taking place in Chicago at the height of the Chicago Outfit with Paul Ricca and Tony Accardo. We soon find the action taking place across the pond in London and one of the main characters, Chloe, finds herself immersed in the underworld of London under the protection of Billy Mullins, enemy of the Krays but friends with the Richardson’s.
In London, Chloe’s son Troy has his world turned upside down and thinks he has lost everything until a close relative comes out of the shadows and together, they plot the revenge of the murder of Troy’s mom.
What happens in HMP Pentonville hampered the effort, and a plan B was soon put into action, but will Troy get to exact his revenge? What will Troy do?

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A Word from the Author: David Breakspear

It is such an honour to be able to write this, not just because I am writing about my debut book but also as it is being featured on this wonderful site run by a very good friend. Jim, as well as everyone else involved with London Crime have been an incredible support both in private and on social media. My gratitude also extends to Wayne Clingman for making ‘A Father’s Son’ a reality.
Over four years ago I made a decision that saw me land back in prison for the umpteenth time. However, this time was going to be different no more “I promise this is the last time”, instead I let my actions speak for me. It was one thing proving myself from behind the wall, an environment, in which, because I became institutionalised was also my comfort zone, therefore, it was out here, in society where I have failed many times that I really needed to prove myself.
Although, this book proves nothing I would like to think that it is at least an indication I am heading in the right direction. Along with now being an author I am also a blogger and provide articles for several online journals and portals, mainly on subjects relating to the criminal justice system. I also provide articles and content for National Crime Syndicate and of course for London Crime on subjects relating to organised crime and prisons.
I can’t really say I have much spare time, but even my spare time is taken up researching or watching documentaries. My life and what I do I do not consider as work. It is like a hobby that I totally love doing. Fame and fortune are not my goals in relation to the criminal justice system. I want to see real change, I want to be sitting at the top table influencing change. I am forthright and driven in what I do and make no apologies for it as I do not believe life is a popularity contest. I do not wish for fame and fortune for my other writings, if I can make a living, I will be happy.
If not, then so be it. I know that I am making a difference, and I absolutely love my prison reform campaigning. I have a purpose in life and I fully intend of seeing it through.

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