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Bad Blood. Nathan Rivers

Bad Blood

1985 and Charlie Boyd is released from Wakefield Prison; having served, a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. Join Charlie as he returns to the brutal London Ganglands with just one aim, to find out who set him up and take his revenge.

Reader comments:

"The villains are brutal, the police corrupt and the girls are fast and loose. Everything a good gangster novel should have. A brilliant 5 star Read.

“This latest in the London Ganglands series is raw, hard hitting and well, simply brilliant. Rivers writing style will have you gripped from the first page to the last. DO NOT MISS THIS.”

“Wow and wow again. I was totally hooked from the start. Couldn’t put it down and finished it in two sessions. Unexpected twist in the end….Great.”

Please be aware; this novel contains violence, torture and language which those of a more sensitive nature may find offensive and / or disturbing.

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Nathan Rivers knows how to write rivetting books that draw you in, keep you engrossed to the very end.. and put a real twist in the tale! Londoncrime is honoured to present the latest offering from an author that should definitely get his books to film or tv.
A member of "Team Londoncrime", Nathan is not only a terrific author, but a proper friend. Stepping forward to help with Londoncrime's knife crime video (it's on youtube.. find it!) and offering help and support since we first made contact.. Nathan is an extremely important part of the Londoncrime team.
Bad Blood takes you back to 1985, the characters are easy to visualise as the story takes you on an unforgettable trip into pubs, clubs, violence, guns and blood!
It is an absolute honour and it fills me with pride to have the Londoncrime logo on Nathan Rivers books, this is gritty, hard hitting crime fiction..just what we want on Londoncrime!
Nathan, keep up the great work, I'm sure there will be more terrific books to follow.. Thank you mate. Jim Fletcher (Founder of

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LondonCrimeNathan Rivers
A Word from the Author: Nathan Rivers

My books concentrate solely on the London Ganglands during the 1970's and 80's and my characters are influenced by a few well known real life villains and London gang bosses of the fifties and sixties so access to their biographies is an essential part of my character development.

Since connecting with Jim its founder @londoncrime1 on twitter, has quickly become my "Go to resource" for much of my own background work. The support the team shows for London crime fiction authors, non fiction authors and film makers is truly inspirational, being among such talented and creative company really is an honour.

The first book in the 'London Ganglands' series "Interview With a Contract Killer" explores the short but intense relationship between a convicted London Gangland hitter (Frankie Cole) and his would be biographer (David Palmer). Neither Palmer nor Cole are ready for the secrets revealed during their time together.

"If you're looking for politically correct then my books ain't for you so; jog on with no hard feelings and my very best wishes."
Nathan Rivers

"A gritty, gangland gripper with an incredible twist – a crime lovers must-read!"

"This is an excellent piece of work. It has all the elements a great crime story needs and Rivers excels, particularly, in providing sucker-punching, jaw-dropping plot twists. I can’t wait to read the next instalment."

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