Dangerous, Sandra Prior, Paperback

Dangerous Sandra Prior

Crime/Thriller fiction book. 5th November 1971 Brutal gangland king Bobby Taylor is dead, leaving a void in both the East End underworld and his family. The police say it was suicide, but Bobby's son Mickey is having none of it. Although just a teenager, Mickey has the courage and the reputation to replace his old man - as the leader of his family, as the big man in Dagenham. Standing in his way are his dad's enemies and rivals, all ready to take their place as the big "I am" in the local pubs and council estates. But Mickey didn't earn his nick-name for nothing. And in the next twenty four hours Mickey is determined to see his dad laid to rest in proper East End style, resolve the mystery of his death, and take his place at the head of table. Mickey's nick-name? Dangerous. He's earned it with his fists, with his boots, with a knife. And now, with all the challengers creeping out from under their rocks to confront him, he's feeling really Dangerous.

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