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Divided Loyalties. Nathan Rivers

Divided Loyalties

"Divided Loyalties" 'London Ganglands' Book two. Ascot, and Danny Slade is home for a funeral – His brother Jimmy was found dead in his flat in Richmond after committing suicide with booze and pills. Danny thinks his death just doesn't add up, so he decides to return to London and find out what might have happened to make Jimmy want to take his own life. Danny's suspicions become even greater as he is warned off by friends and those he used to work with in the ganglands of south London... He must tread carefully if he is to survive... A tough uncompromising novel of a brutal world where respect and loyalty from those around you are often the only things which will keep you alive... Please be aware this novel contains Violence, torture and contains language which those of a more sensative nature may find offensive and / or disturbing.

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LondonCrimeNathan Rivers
A Word from the Author: Nathan Rivers

My books concentrate solely on the London Ganglands during the 1970's and 80's and my characters are influenced by a few well known real life villains and London gang bosses of the fifties and sixties so access to their biographies is an essential part of my character development.

Since connecting with Jim its founder @londoncrime1 on twitter, has quickly become my "Go to resource" for much of my own background work. The support the team shows for London crime fiction authors, non fiction authors and film makers is truly inspirational, being among such talented and creative company really is an honour.

The first book in the 'London Ganglands' series "Interview With a Contract Killer" explores the short but intense relationship between a convicted London Gangland hitter (Frankie Cole) and his would be biographer (David Palmer). Neither Palmer nor Cole are ready for the secrets revealed during their time together.

"If you're looking for politically correct then my books ain't for you so; jog on with no hard feelings and my very best wishes."
Nathan Rivers

"A gritty, gangland gripper with an incredible twist – a crime lovers must-read!"

"This is an excellent piece of work. It has all the elements a great crime story needs and Rivers excels, particularly, in providing sucker-punching, jaw-dropping plot twists. I can’t wait to read the next instalment."

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