Down & Under. Ben Trebilcook

Down Under Ben Trebilcook
Down & Under Paperback

Australian private investigator, Joe Bookbinder, had been living in London for too long. The arthritis in his hands pained him. Joe yearned to banish the cold and be out of the darkness. He needed a reason or three to return home. Damn good pay Great beer Simple case When Joe's ex-girlfriend, Georgia, turned up out of the blue and offered him a job that ticked all of his boxes, Joe leapt head first into a pool of madness, As much as he tried to suppress his memories of him, deep down, Joe felt it wouldn't be too long before his psychotic, safari suit wearing Thai friend, Song Song Li, would make an appearance, But hey, two outta three ain't bad, right?

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A Word from the Author: Ben Trebilcook

  I was born and raised in London. My mum was a district nurse in Greenwich and dad was a decorated officer in the City of London Police. He'd would show me all walks of life around the East End. Dad's good friend and colleague was - and still is - the father of Matt and Luke Goss, of Bros fame. They're my brothers' age and hailed from Bethnal Green, whilst we spent a considerable amount in Stepney, around twenty minutes or so away, with creepy Whitechapel sandwiched between. From bank robberies, murdered priests, fast-paced car-chases to terrorism, bent coppers, spies, conspiracies and the underworld, I can say I was exposed to it all and more. It's certainly influenced my screenwriting , especially the Die Hard(s) and spy scripts, as well as, of course, two of the novels featured here on the brilliant London Crime site. What a great platform for a writer and filmmaker who showcases our great city, London.

'Down & Under' is my fourth novel and my favourite to date. Spawned from my love of Japanese crime fiction, hard boiled detective noir and, wait for it, my passion for craft beer. Yes, this is craft beer infused crime fiction, with a lead character in Aussie private detective Joe Bookbinder that could run and run. We begin in Brixton and end in Bangkok. One reader messaged me to thank me for introducing her to some wonderful new brews, whilst another said it should have been called 'Eat, Pray, Love and Kill.'

Ben lives in Westcliff-on-Sea, in Essex, with his partner, Jenni and their little boy Finn.

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