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Field Of Glass, Bobbie Barker

Field Of Glass
Field Of Glass

Marcus Cusack is about to be released from prison. He is a psychotic, dangerous man with an obsession in the name of Jessie Harris.Jessie had escaped the treacherous world of the Cusack family and a prisoner to prostitution. Together with her baby son, Thomas, beyond all expectations she built a new life. Despite vowing to stay single forever, she eventually met and married Ben, who truly was the love of her life. Her past was a closely guarded secret and hers to keep. Prostitution was one thing, but she was also a killer – wasn’t she?When Ben suddenly dies in a freak car accident Jessie is left heartbroken, but it isn’t long before she discovers the truth, and her husband’s death is just the beginning. When Thomas goes missing, Jessie is propelled back to her past, where Marcus Cusack is waiting

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LondonCrimeDonna Siggers
A Word from the Author: Bobbie Barker

I was brought up in London and lived just off Exmouth Market, I was one of four children. There wasn’t much money around, other than the plenty spent in the local pubs where my parents spent most evenings!. My first inclination that gangs even existed was when I was around 11 years old. My parents began having house parties every couple of weeks for a period of time and I’m sure to this day, a few of the Clerkenwell gang tagged along (not that my parents were in any way involved in criminal activities) – in fact on one occasion (my job was to answer the door at said parties), I opened the door to a guy who had just been stabbed in the neck! I remember being so upset because I really liked him. Luckily he was OK.
Without going into too much detail, I myself have been a victim of crimes both in my childhood and into adulthood. I don’t dwell on these times and in some ways, what happened back then has shaped me as a person. These perpetrators may have had control at the time of their offenses, but they haven’t controlled my life, and I’m proud to say I’m a survivor – indeed this is where my inspiration to write comes from, and it was only ever going to be crime fiction!
I have recently discovered ‘LONDONCRIME.CO.UK’ and what a nice bunch they are, I’m very happy to be in association with them.

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