Geraldine. John Mead. Paperback


Hatred is such a nasty thing - we all deplore it in others but do not necessarily recognise it in ourselves. At what point does resentment, jealousy, betrayal or humiliation turn into anger and then grow to an all consuming hatred? Hatred can be slow, taking years to fester, or can explode in seconds - it can linger for a lifetime or wither in seconds of its conception. Inspector Matthew Merry and Sergeant Julie Lukula have to deal with the consequences of violence and murder on a daily basis and in the case of Geraldine Driver they both see that hatred is the prime motive. But is it, as Julie thinks, one of a series of hate crimes that has led to this killing? Or, is Matthew right in saying, `Driver's death is undoubtedly a hate filled crime but I'm just not convinced that there are sufficient links to suggest it is part of a pattern of hate crimes'? Only time and their investigation will tell...

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A Word from the Author: John Mead

I was born in Dagenham and now live in Hornchurch, Essex. After working in education for most of my life, I’m now retired and spend my time writing.
Having worked for much of my life with vulnerable teenagers, many of whom had a mental illness, it is all too obvious to me how quickly many of them fall foul of school and society. Young people who don’t fit in are particularly vulnerable, not only as victims but are also becoming drawn into the growing gang culture. And, whilst youth and knife crime increases, public sector budgets for the police and mental health services have declined. I decided this would be good grounds in which to base my crime novel.

Many of the occurrences recounted and the characters found in The Fourth Victim are based on real incidents and people I have come across. Although I have allowed myself a wide degree of poetic licence in writing about the main characters and the killings that are depicted.
I love London – it is the greatest city – so setting my novels here is a natural step. For my latest novel it was walking around some of my old East End haunts that inspired me, seeing how they had changed, becoming modern and ‘lighter’ but with the same old dark underbelly:
‘Whitechapel is being gentrified, the many green spaces of the area, which typify London as a capital city, give the illusion of peace and clean air but are also places to find drug dealers, sexual encounters and murder... ‘

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