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In The Know, Dougie Brimson

In The Know

From the bestselling writer of Green Street, Dougie Brimson. IN THE KNOW.. Revenge is a dish best served quickly.
It's been over a decade since gang leader Billy Evans stepped away from his life on the wrong side of the law to mourn the murder of his beloved wife. Yet when he is hit by a second tragedy, his first thoughts are not of more loss, but of revenge.. Violent, bloody revenge.
However, even before he can make his first move, Billy is presented with an alternative method of extracting vengeance. One so intriguing that he quickly finds his past passion for organised violence reinvigorated. And as Britain heads toward a future defined by Brexit and the political right wing, he realises that he s stumbled upon the opportunity he s been waiting for. The chance to wield genuine power within the very establishment he's fought his entire life. The only question is, will he be allowed to survive long enough to grab it. From the writer of the cult hooligan film, Green Street and the best-selling thrillers The Crew and Top Dog comes the third and most explosive book yet in the most successful hooligan thriller series ever written.

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A Word from the Author: Dougie Brimson

Perhaps best known for penning the multi-award winning feature film Green Street, Dougie Brimson began writing in 1996 with the publication of the cult classic exploration of football hooliganism, Everywhere We Go.
A further 17 books have followed, including the Essex gang trilogy featuring the character Billy Evans. A man for whom the law is regarded as little more than an irrelevance when it comes to his quest for power and influence.
The first book, The Crew, was released in 2000 followed by Top Dog a year later. Between them, they have sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and spawned an award winning movie penned by Brimson himself.
In The Know, the final instalment in the trilogy, was published in May 2020 and brings the story of Billy Evans bang up to date.

Dougie Brimson also co-wrote the award winning movie, We Still Kill The Old Way.

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