Messenger (Take it for Granted) Paperback

Eddie Mann, Messenger

Grant is back! Having been left for dead at the end of Ordinarily Unthinkable he finds himself waking from a coma almost three months later being cared for in a medical facility that is not what it initially claims to be.
Grant finds himself in the care of a secret government organisations’ research facility that also allows for the other type of work offered by a team of people that think they answer to nobody.
Initially asked to work for them and finally blackmailed into working for them, Grant must catch a killer preferably alive so that the client of the organisation can choose their punishment.
It quickly becomes apparent just how much influence this organisation had in the success Grants’ revenge against The Crippens, who had horrifically killed his wife and daughter. On that occasion Grants’ rage and need for revenge was driven by loss but this time he must find that inner anger to find a serial killer to save a life. To add to the difficult situation that he finds himself embroiled within, Grant discovers that he also expected to work with an old adversary.
  Once again Grant adopts his unusual approach to solve a problem and catch a killer that has managed to elude an elite set of agents and one in particular, agent Fox, who personally wants to see the killer suffer and Grant to be killed.
Unaware that he is being once again used and manipulated Grant eventually comes face to face with a serial killer hell bent on cleansing the world of the people he perceives as being creations from hell.
This is a battle he must win in order to get back what he thought he had lost, a battle that he must face without the advantage of not caring whether he lives or dies. The story introduces new characters and resurrects a few familiar ones from Ordinarily Unthinkable, characters that are the key to the success or failure of Grants’ new adventure, one that he never expected or wanted

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A Word from the Author: Eddie Mann

"Hi, Eddie here, I was born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent until the age of 16 when I joined the British Army for no other reason than it was an opportunity to get away from the town of my birth and the troublesome path I had been following for the previous three years.
Twelve years in the Army saw me serving in Northern Ireland, Germany, and London. I went on to join the Prison Service, serving 25 years and working at HMP Pentonville, HMP Woodhill and the National Training College.
I started to write in 2014 when I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, this period in my life saw my career as a prison officer come to an end and a new career as a writer begin. I don't think I am being over dramatic when I say that writing saved my life.
My first book reflects the dark place I was in at the time, it is raw, brutal and yet still shows a vulnerability in the main character, Grant.
My second book, Messenger, is based wholly in London, I used my experience from the Army and the Prison Service as well as having lived in North London for 7 years to offer up a descriptive story and once again put Grant in an almost impossible position.
My third book, The Nameless Ones, has just been released and I am currently writing the fourth in the series.
As a new author, social media, peer support, and friendship of other writers are crucial and what Jim is doing with the London Crime website is brilliant, providing another platform for authors to get their work out to those very important people, the readers.
Eddie currently lives in Northampton with his wife Dawn (the authors' widow!) and Mr. Pickles the crazy terrier. "

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