The Detriment. David Videcette. Volume 2

The Detriment
The Detriment Volume 2 Paperback

Thriller. How much is real and how much is fiction, only YOU can decide! A cold, dead body stares skyward from a rose garden in the grounds of a luxury London apartment. What secrets does the dead man hold? A mystery, is it suicide, or did someone want him silenced? Hours later, an attack on a nearby nightclub sparks a massive manhunt which ends as a blazing Jeep ploughs into Glasgow Airport. DI Jake Flannagan’s evasive girlfriend, Claire, is back. But as they begin to unravel a real-life mystery together, the dark secrets of her past threaten to destroy their futures. What they uncover may put their relationship, their careers, and even their lives at risk. The truth costs nothing, but a lie could cost them everything

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