ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE: THE HAT: Kindle Edition. Georgie Logan

Georgie Logan, The Hat
The Hat

Callie Lewis, AKA Calista Constantinou, once a young thief and hustler, she became a ruthless businesswoman; pulling her firm up from the gutter of the criminal world and into the equally dirty domain of legitimate business. Now self-exiled on a small Greek Island, Callie lives a relatively simple and happy life, yet is haunted by her grief, loneliness and guilt that caused her to flee London forever.

Eddie Melane, formerly South London’s most notorious thief, funny, handsome and dangerous: a local hero. Settling down with the wrong woman and going straight were only the start of his problems. Then with a tragic event leaving him badly scarred, lonely and a broken man, Eddie now counts the days until he can escape his miserable life.

Renos Markides fled Cyprus as a boy when the Turkish invaded and arrived in London with nothing. A complex character, brutal and revered; he is North London’s biggest villain. Known to be fair, Renos commands absolute loyalty from his men and operates on the principle of an ‘Eye for an Eye’.

Three People fighting their own personal demons and trapped in lives they never wanted are brought together by fate and murder. Whilst on their quest for vengeance they will confront the past that fate has dealt them, as well as dark secrets and the heartache of long forgotten love. Together they will redefine the very meaning of revenge, in THE HAT.

THE HAT is the first installment in a Trilogy, followed by THE LIE and completed by the final book: THE LIST.

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A Word from the Author: Georgie Logan

Born in Paddington during the sixties, and apart from four years living in Bristol, I still live in London. Married with five children, when they flew the nest, in my spare time I started to write my first book when my son bought me a computer. Once I finished THE HAT, encouraged by my husband and family, I went on to write two more books, THE LIE and THE LIST. Working in a dress factory, Church Street Market, and Portobello Market in my teenage years, and then when my children reached their early teens, various pubs. Some of the characters are loosely based on the colourful people I have encountered from all walks of life. THE HAT, THE LIE and THE LIST are the first three books in the ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE series and can all be read as standalones. Gritty family sagas, along with the criminal world of London, all three books deal with greed, grief, regret and revenge. When I'm not writing my fourth book or working behind the bar, or ‘the jump’ as I call it, I enjoy taking my granddaughters and great-nieces sightseeing all over London. I also enjoy my annual holiday in Cyprus and I am thrilled my children make it a family affair and I can now show the younger ones a country I fell in love with over twenty years ago and along with London was the inspiration for my first novel THE HAT.....

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