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The Locksmith, Linda Calvey

The Locksmith

From the author of the best selling "The Black Widow", Linda Calvey's new book ventures into the world of crime fiction, and what a result! Linda hasn't stepped into crime fiction gently, but instead has came up with a strong book that threatens to kick others off the shelves! this is a book of experiences, of love of family, and much more, this is a fantastic book that you can easily visualise whilst you're reading it.
Highly recommended reading, you'll be hooked! (Jim. Londoncrime)

They grew up with nothing. Just a regular family scraping by, living an honest life while crime ruled the East End. Until all that honesty and all that hard work left them with nothing. Poor, destitute and hungry, young Ruby decides to pull them from the ashes. It starts as one job, one step outside the law. Yet that one step sets her on a path – straight to the top. But in the East End you don't build an empire without making a few enemies . . . Welcome to the underbelly of London, where criminals run the streets and one woman will do anything to protect her family. The crime debut novel of the year, perfect for readers who loved No Mercy and Queenie.

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