The Mother. Jaime Raven. Paperback

The Mother.
The Mother

The Mother, South London detective Sarah Mason is a single mother. It’s a tough life, but Sarah gets by. She and her ex-husband, fellow detective Adam Boyd, adore their 15-month-old daughter Molly. Until Sarah’s world falls apart when she receives a devastating threat: Her daughter has been taken, and the abductor plans to raise Molly as their own, as punishment for something Sarah did. Sarah is forced to stand back while her team try to track down the kidnapper. But her colleagues aren’t working fast enough to find Molly. To save her daughter, Sarah must take matters into her own hands, in a desperate hunt that will take her to the very depths of London’s underworld

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A Word from the Author: James Raven/ Jaime Raven/ JP Carter

Firstly I'd like to thank Londoncrime for inviting me to include my books on what is a terrific site.
I was born and raised in London and it's where I began my writing career, so to me this is a huge privilege.

I should point out that my name is James Raven, but I also use two pseudonyms - Jaime Raven and JP Carter. I've so far had eighteen crime novels published and five of them are set in the capital.
I spent the early part of my life in Peckham, South London where my family were stallholders selling salads and fruits. I myself chose a career in journalism and worked for The Sun, The Mail, the Press Association and the Fleet Street News Agency before moving into television as a news producer and then station executive.
As a reporter in London I covered mostly crime stories and often worked the night shift. This suited my personal circumstances and meant I was on hand when major crime stories broke during the night.
I covered murders, robberies, police raids and terrorist attacks. I saw dead bodies, police firearm officers in action, witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by a bomb blast and interviewed dozens of victims of crimes. I was also a regular in the press box at the Old Bailey.
However, I took a three-year break from journalism early on to work as an illegal 'Del Boy' street trader because it was the only way I could save enough money for a deposit on our first house. I had a regular 'pitch' in Oxford Street and visited various London markets and high streets selling cheap jewellery and perfume from a suitcase. I was arrested hundreds of times for obstructing the highway and given fines but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
During that time I came into contact with some of London's most notorious gangsters, including the Richardson brothers and 'Mad' Frankie Fraser. In those days I also enjoyed boxing and one of my sparring partners was the son of George Cornell, who was murdered by one of the Kray twins at the Blind Beggar in Whitechapel! He himself was a family friend. So to me this was all a tremendous experience and I've drawn on it throughout my writing career. The characters I create are loosely based on people I met, including police officers, journalists and criminals. And I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't lived and worked in London back then I wouldn't have become a crime novelist.
Before I sign off I'd like to mention briefly my books that are set in London. They are:
The Alibi, The Mother, The Rebel- Jaime Raven
Stark Warning, The Depraved - James Raven.
In Safe Hands - JP Carter. Two more JP Carter books are due to be published in 2019 by Avon/Harper Collins and will feature the same lead character, Detective Chief Inspector Anna Tate, who heads up the Major Investigation Team based in South London.
Finally, my thanks again to Jim and Londoncrime for helping to promote my books. It's very much appreciated.

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