The Night Stalker. Paperback. Clare Donoghue

The Night Stalker Clare Donaghue
The Night Stalker (Detective Jane Bennett and Mike Lockyer series book 4) Paperback

This book is NOT London based crime. But as a continuation of the series of the other books here, it deserves its place! Dead Woman's Ditch. The site of a grisly two-hundred-year-old murder – and a recent hit and run. When a young woman's body is found at the macabre landmark in Somerset's Quantock Hills, DI Mike Lockyer and Sergeant Jane Bennett are called in to investigate. They find a community gripped by fear and superstition. The locals won't venture out at night, believing there's a man stalking the hills; a phantom cloaked in folklore and legend, keeping the sinister legacy of Dead Woman's Ditch alive. Confronted by a hostile CID team and a murder victim with close ties to their own squad, Lockyer and Bennett will have to accept what they can't see before they can find what's really there . . .

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