The Water's Shadow: Volume 3 (Shadow Series) Paperback

The Water's Shadow

Far beneath in the sickly light, dark secrets sleep in the depths.Do you stay in the shallows,or seek answers in the water’s shadows, where you know,deep down, we lose the light.Benedict and the team discover more as they go deeper.It’s day fourteen.The gripping crime thriller series goes into the third instalment."Deserves to be 6 star - Jam-packed with suspense, twists and turns all over the place. Pure badassery"SEB RICHARDS "An exceptional thriller series and certainly has me as a dedicated fan"PETER DONNELLY - THE READING DESK

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LondonCrimeKarl Holton
A Word from the Author: Karl Holton

I was born and grew up in North London and have spent over thirty years working in the City of London across the Financial Markets. The whole of London has been hugely influential on me; as a youth I played sport all over it and as an adult I’ve worked, at some point, in almost every corner. I’ve had hundreds of moments of extraordinary joy across the city and could tell you exactly where I was; I’ve also just missed a few bombs going off. London is a place that once you’ve got it under your skin it never leaves. It’s the little things that you might spot like an alleyway with a pub at the end; it will almost certainly have an immense history that you can discover.

I started writing in 2017 and I’m working on finishing the third book in my ‘Shadow Series’. This series introduces you to Danny Benedict, an ex-MET murder detective now working with the NCA. You also meet, Ray Hanson; a man with buried secrets who is returning to London, the city that started a career which made him a billionaire. When a body is found in the Thames and a robbery happens in Hatton Garden is there a link? The first book, ‘The Weight of Shadows’ is the start of a gripping London based crime thriller mystery with global sub-plots which unfolds across the series. The book was a finalist in the ‘Mystery’ category of the Independent Author Network 2018 Book of the Year Award.

London Crime is putting together a fantastic collection of authors and films with a London focus, so fans can come to one place. This is a brilliant idea, Jim and thank you so much for including me in such an amazing array of talent. I’m looking forward to supporting everyone involved.

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