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London Large: Way Past Evil Paperback. G&R Robson

London Large: Way Past Evil, Paperback

A killer on the loose.
A city cowed by fear.
Who can stop the slaughter?
The worst serial killer in British history has started up again - after a fifteen-year break. No cop can find him. No profiler can get inside his head. Can Harry Hawkins - defeated and damaged by the killer first time round - be coaxed out of retirement, deal with his own demons, and run the evil down before another innocent dies?

What early readers are saying:10 past midnight just finished the book and I’m in shock.You’ve outdone yourselves again, absolutely brilliant lads!Boys this is fantasticCouldn't put it down finished in a day Again just Wow! This is the first book in a long time I've HAD to put down and take a break from.

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A Word from the Author: G&R Robson

Garry and Roy Robson are, unsurprisingly, brothers, hailing from Walworth in South-East London.
Both have sensibly eschewed lives of crime (unlike some of their relations and friends) and enjoyed chequered but lawful careers before teaming up to write the London Large thrillers in their fifties.

These books feature hard-boiled, explosively violent, expletive-filled stories based on the exploits of a grizzled old-school copper trying to cope with crime in the fast-changing global metropolis. Each book combines the close details of the lives of Harry Hawkins and his inner circle with big-picture issues such as international gang wars, high-level paedophile conspiracies, people trafficking, hi-tech surveillance and hybrid warfare etc. The series (we are now five books in) has garnered over 600 five-star Amazon reviews and counting, and 130 thousand copies have been downloaded to date.
Garry still works, for his sins, as a sociologist (in Krakow, Poland) and Roy lives a happy suburban life in West Wickham..

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