Write to Kill - He's putting the dead in deadline, David P Perlmutter

Write to Kill, David P Perlmutter
Write to Kill, Paperback

Write To Kill MOTIVE. MONEY. MURDER. YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP.An aspiring author, cursed with writer's block and ridden with debt, is offered a huge amount of money to commit a heinous crime. Caught up in the machinations of the underworld and at the mercy of a gangland boss, will this budding writer accept the money, commit the crime and leave his innocence behind him? And will real life turn to fiction, as events inspire him to write what he dreams will be an international bestseller? THE DEBUT FICTION NOVEL FROM DAVID P PERLMUTTER

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A Word from the Author: David P Perlmutter

DAVID P PERLMUTTER, that's me, and welcome.
I have led a very colourful life, with some episodes so noteworthy that so far they have produced three thrilling true stories, with more to follow.
Away from writing and along with my girlfriend, who is also my editor, I am a volunteer Cancer Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK, and have done many charity book signing events, to raise money for a cause that is very close to my heart.
I have four children and a grandson and I'm very close to my large family who feature in each of my books.
I started to write my first book when I lived in Portugal in 2013. I now live in London. The book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, has been a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon around the world, with many hundreds of 4 and 5* reviews. The story is based on true events that happened to me when I visited Marbella in 1991 and ended up wrongly arrested for arson and manslaughter. I'm very excited to say that the book is currently being turned into a movie, which is every author's dream and something I could never have imagined when I began writing.
Another of my true stories is called FIVE WEEKS, about a trip I made to Pennsylvania, America for five weeks of training for a new job. I won't give too much away, apart from saying that I was nearly left for dead in a Pennsylvania wood, and that's after having a gun in my back in London.
Also a true story, follows my escapades as a 21 year old, seeking fame and fortune in America. Entitled 24 HOURS IN NEW YORK, the clue is in the name as to the duration of my stay. My new book, yes, another true story called 13 is due for release on Amazon on the 5th December 2018.
Away from writing true stories, I also write self-help books for indie authors. There are eight books in the MY WAY series, the majority being guides to self-publishing and book marketing, the others featuring authors from around the world in various different genres. All details of my books can be found on my website: You can also follow me on Twitter at @davepperlmutter

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