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24 Hours In London,

24 hours in London 
24 Hours In London DVD

Released after a 10 year prison sentence, a killer hits the streets seeking vengeance against his sister's murderers. Helped by those he believes he can trust, they go on a 24 hour killing spree to settle scores as a detective, whose superior questions her every move, tries to uncover the shocking truth behind their motives. 24 Hours In London is an edge-of-your-seat British crime thriller.

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24 Hours In London, The verdict..

Having been teased by the trailers for this film for some time, I could not wait for it to be dropped through the letterbox. But due to a mess up on my own behalf, I didn't recieve it until the day after it was released.
I pre-order and watch a lot of films. I assumed (wrongly) that I had pre-ordered this a few weeks back. The very night before it got released into shops, I checked on my Amazon account orders to make sure I was going to get it in time.. only to find I had'nt ordered it at all!
So, into the (virtual) basket it went, and I recieved my parcel on the 14th January. So, returning from work in the evening, bite to eat and a shower. then settle in to watch 24 Hours In London!
Written, Directed and produced by Paul Knight, this film shows exactly what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.
When a newly released ex-con (Kris Johnson) goes on a brutal 24 hour killing spree to avenge the murder of his sister, it's the job of DI Summers (Fiona Skinner) to call in various people who were either involved with our ex-con, or witnesses to the events. But, with an underlying past story of her own to deal with,(the suicide of an innocent suspect)and her Superintendant (Jonathan Hansler) making life difficult.. it's not an easy case!
Seeing the case unfold, and watching some great actors putting some real grit into this story, thisproves that you can make a great film on a low budget.
Danny Midwinter, Neal Ward, Karl Hughes, Marc Bannerman, Ewan Macintosh and Joanna May Parker all play some top convincing characters.. and for the record, I wouldn't wantr to mess with them!
Watch this, it won't dissapoint, and it has a lovely twist!! (now, where can I get one them masks from?!)
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