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Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery 
Daylight Robbery [DVD]

Bank-heist caper from debut director Paris Leonti. A gang of daring robbers plans to steal 70 million pounds, in used notes destined for the incinerator, from the vaults of the London Exchange Bank. Alex (Geoff Bell), the brains behind the operation, recruits six seat-of-their-pants London geezers to help him on the job, which seems simplicity itself. Using the World Cup in Germany as their alibi, the boys, posing as English football fans, arrive at the airport and check-in, only to sneak out, hop in a van and head for central London. Once there, they ram-raid the bank, aiming to grab the cash and still have time to catch their flight. Unfortunately, they're forced to change their plan when one of the crew is injured, resulting in a stalemate with police who are preparing to storm the bank.

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