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McVicar. 1980

McVicar [DVD] [1980]

Roger Daltrey stars as John McVicar in this true story of life behind bars. Charged and found guilty of committing armed robbery, McVicar is sentenced to eight years in a maximum security prison, but he refuses to take his punishment lying down and begins planning a daring escape. McVicar himself wrote the book on which the film is based as well as collaborating on its screenplay with director Tom Clegg. The music is by rock visionary Jeff Wayne ('War of the Worlds'). A well-made drama based on the life of the professional British criminal John McVicar, and based on his autobiography. Starring Roger Daltrey as the eponymous anti-hero, McVicar realistically depicts many of the often shocking and brutal aspects of prison life, and his eventual rehabilitation. Porridge this ain't.

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