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The Drugs Game

The Drugs Game Film 
The Drugs Game

Here at Londoncrime, We love to support the independent films, they make not be major players on the world stage of films, but films actually seem far more believable than some of the high end releases.
I've been following the progress of "The Drugs Game" through social media, and I couldn't wait for the release! With screenplay, direction and production (as well as acting in the film) Clarke Tribe has released a fantastic British crime/gangland thriller that does not disappoint. Already receiving several 5 star ratings, the public agree that this is a great film. A dark and sinister modern day film of Britain's notorious underworld, based on true events. Charlie returns home from a 10 year prison sentence to find out that things aren't quite like they used to be. He soon finds himself on one hell of a mission to take back the empire that was once his. Taking things from one extreme to another , Charlie gets mixed up in all kinds of shady activities.

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