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The Guvnors

The Guvnors
The Guvnors[DVD]. It's TIme To Draw The Line

The former members of a legendary football firm reunite to take on the lawless hoodies that now rule their old stomping ground
Mitch lives buried in suburban London after turning his back on violence and intimidation in a legendary South East London firm. Beneath his aura of respectability are the echoes of a darker past, until tragedy forces Mitch and his old firm to accept that past demons can never truly be laid to rest. A tale of retribution and honour across the generational divide, The Guvnors is a brutal ode to strength of the alpha male.

The Guvnors gains mixed reviews on Amazon, with some complaining that it wasn't their cup of tea! I can never understand why people hire out or buy a film of obvious violent characteristics, only to complain that it's too violent!. You don't buy Marmite if you don't like it!
Personally, I found " The Guvnor's" to be a good quality, budget film. A believable storyline with a "good wins over bad" theme,(or in this case "old school wins over the young!) Ok, this kind of format has been done before, so what! For me, I enjoyed watching it, there's some good acting, and it's good to see David Essex making an appearance.
The Guvnors is worth watching, it's a great British gangland film, it's gritty, it's well directed, and has style! (

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