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London Crime Non-Fiction Books.

A great Collection of autobiographies, history and real true crime accounts from top London Authors. (From both sides of the law!)

Fitted up and fighting back, Kevin Lane
Fitted up and Fighting back.

Important, alarming and urgent, this powerful book raises many troubling questions not just about the conviction of Kevin Lane but about the criminal justice system. Also it exposes the use of ...


My Dad, The Guv'nor. Kelly McLean
My Dad, The Guv'nor

I am the Guv'nor's daughter - but what does that mean? In this incredibly frank and poignant memoir, Kelly McLean provides a unique insight into life growing up as...

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From humble beginnings in Camden Town to the most wanted man in Britain, follow Terry Ellis on his journey to leading one of the UK's most brazen and audacious heists...

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Outlaw Ray Bishop
Outaw.Ray Bishop

Follow Britain's most wanted man into London's underworld and back out again, Ray Bishop was on the run, skulking in a dealer's house in north London, when an image of...

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True and astonishing accounts of how London’s gangsters took control of the UK boxing scene and created a billion-dollar worldwide industry.

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finding suzy
Finding Suzy

Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh went missing in July 1986, David Videcette takes you on a quest to unpick her mysterious disappearance and....

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Lenny McLean The Guv'nor
The Guv'nor Paperback

A bare-knuckle fighter turned moviestar, Lenny Mclean had powerful friends and terrible enemies. In this biography, he tells stories about his life, including how he knocked the......

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Cass Pennant Paperback

The life story of Cass Pennant is packed with amazing stories of a life lived on the edge of the law. In this amazing book, he tells of how he saved World Boxing....

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The Krays The Prison Years
The Krays: The Prison Years Hardcover

In the 60s, Ronnie and Reggie Kray were Britain’s most notorious gangsters. With violence and intimidation they were the kings of London. They sipped champagne with celebrities and rubbed shoulders with ......

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Freddie Foreman, The Godfather of British Crime
The Godfather Of British Crime Paperback

To Britain's criminal underworld, Freddie Foreman is the Godfather. Held responsible for the gangland killings of Ginger Marks and Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell, he was the punisher to those who broke.....

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Mean Machine:Roy Shaw
Mean Machine:Roy Shaw

The definitive story of East End Hard Man Roy Shaw, as told by the Shaw family. Mean Machine includes many, previously untold, tales from Roy's colourful life.

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Rise of the footsoldier
Rise of the Footsoldier

'The first thing that caught my eye was the geezer with the gold tooth - the second was that he was holding a shooter - and the third that he was pointing it at.....

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Muscle Paperback

This is the autobiography of Carlton Leach, a man to be reckoned with. He has earned himself respect throughout the deadly underworld he occupies. Make a.....

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Born Gangster Jimmy Tippet Jnr
Born Gangster

Jimmy Tippett Jnr was born into gangster aristocracy. Son of legendary boxer and South London heavy, Jimmy Tippett, he grew up rubbing shoulders with the most notorious faces in London.....

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The Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen:

The average bank robbery takes around four minutes. The essential ingredients are ruthlessness, cunning and plenty of bottle. You'll also need a weapon, a disguise and a getaway car. If you have all those things, then you could...

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The Big Con. Tony Sales
The Big Con.

Fraudster, swindler, conman, chancer, trickster, loveable rogue, the Southerner with more front than Southend - call him what you will...Tony Sales knew how to make money.


London's Lovable Villain

London’s Loveable Villain is about the Wrestler and Triple Lifesaver, Chick ‘Cocky’ Knight, and his colourful life and exploits. The title comes from one of his many...

Fight Fire With Fire, Rene Costa

Fleeing Cypriot civil aged 4 years old, Rene Costa has already witnessed horrific death scenes. Neighbours pinned to walls and shot down in cold blood still embeds in his...

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Lessons Volume 1. Jason Allday

Life lessons are defined by experience and the willingness to accept that you can't change your past. Some of the most impressionable experiences are lessons in disguise...

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London Crime
London Crime

An in-depth look at the major London crimes and robberies of the 1930s - 2020. The heists, the rackets and the empires of the gangsters who ruled the city and where their money came from.

London Crime

stop the ride
Stop The Ride, I Want To Get Off:

The Autobiography of Dave Courtney Paperback
Dave Courtney - the original behind Vinnie Jones's character in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - tells all in his no-holds-barred bestselling autobiography.....

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No Handcuffs, Eddie Richardson
Living Amongst The Beasts. Terry Ellis

One of the criminal underworld's most notorious armed robbers and mastermind behind the 2007 £4 million heist at the Verizon business centre in King's Cross London, Terry Ellis speaks.....

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Scotland yard history of crime
Unnatural Causes

The dead do not hide the truth and they never lie. Through me the dead can speak ...Dr Richard Shepherd is the UK's foremost forensic pathologist, his job to understand the deaths which may.....

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