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Fight Fire With Fire

Fight Fire With Fire, Rene Costa

Fleeing Cypriot civil aged 4 years old, Rene Costa has already witnessed horrific death scenes. Neighbours pinned to walls and shot down in cold blood still embeds in his psyche even now. Watching his 6-year-old brother hanging for stealing 10 pence and dealing with his father’s drunkenness became a battle as the family watched their mothers beatings. Moving to a strange country and the difficulties this entailed added to challenges Rene faced. Rene learnt to stand up for himself, cheated death on several occasions and lost a friend in the process. Dealing with protection rackets during the sixties - gangsters and bullies demanding money from the family - and the disco fever of the seventies. This is a story of money made and lost and of a boy who stayed in control to succeed as a man.Now retired, Rene enjoys spending time with his love of his life of 48 years, in recent years he has become a director and producer for comedy and gangster genre finding success in film festivals.

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