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Finding Suzy, David Videcette

Finding Suzy
Finding Suzy

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I initially got hooked into the writing of David Videcette from his first fiction release The Theseus Paradox and then followed by the second book The Detriment ,
(if you haven't read these yet, then I strongly recommend that you do!) With decades of experience working in counter-terror operations and combatting organised crime as a Scotland Yard detective, David's experience shows in his writing and totally proves that he knows exactly what he writes about.
Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh went missing in July 1986, David Videcette takes you on a quest to unpick her mysterious disappearance and scrutinise the shadowy 'Mr Kipper'. "Finding Suzy" is the result of David's 5 year investigation and research into the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh. This book breaks down the original investigation, proves errors and provides results of new interviews, and it certainly sheds some light onto this whole mystery.
I personally would like to highly recommend this book, it had me hooked from beginning to end and I hope that David will follow up with more investigations like this. I look forward to the next release, whether it's going to be fact or fiction, it's sure to be a great read!
(Jim, Londoncrime)

Step inside a real-life, missing person investigation in this compelling, true crime must-read.
Uncover what happened to missing estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, as David Videcette takes you on a quest to unpick her mysterious disappearance and scrutinise the shadowy 'Mr Kipper'.
One overcast Monday in July 1986, 25-year-old estate agent Suzy Lamplugh vanished whilst showing a smart London property to a mysterious ‘Mr Kipper’.

Despite the baffling case dominating the news and one of the largest missing persons cases ever mounted, police failed to find a shred of evidence establishing what had happened to her.
Sixteen years later, following a second investigation and under pressure from Suzy’s desperate parents, police named convicted rapist and murderer John Cannan as their prime suspect. However, the Crown Prosecution Service refused to charge him, citing a lack of evidence.

High-profile searches were conducted, yet Suzy’s body was never found. The trail that might lead investigators to her, long since lost.

Haunted by another missing person case, investigator and former Scotland Yard detective, David Videcette, has spent five years painstakingly reinvestigating Suzy’s cold case disappearance.
Through a series of incredible new witness interviews and fresh ground-breaking analysis, he uncovers piece by piece what happened to Suzy and why the case was never solved.
People don't just disappear...

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