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How to Rob Banks and Influence People. Vic Dark. Paperback

how to rob banks and influence people
How to Rob Banks and Influence People

Vic Dark is one of the biggest names in criminal history--there are few in the country that can match his criminal record. During an adrenaline-fueled career as an armed robber, his willingness to take incredible risks, combined with a solder-like ability to formulate watertight strategies and to execute them with chilling coolness, ensured a string of astonishingly successful robberies. Yet his luck couldn't last forever, and Vic was eventually caught on the job, and sentenced to 24 years in jail. Having served his time and gone straight, Vic has decided to tell his own story, in his own words. The result is "How to Rob Banks and Influence People" a white-knuckle ride though the UK's terrifying criminal underworld, offering a rare glimpse into the mind of a man who was prepared to go to the extreme to get what he wanted, but has come out with no illusions about the reality of being a criminal.