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Let's Skip To The Good Bits. Darren Barden

Let's Skip To The Good Bits

Happily married, with a great job and a newborn son, Darren Barden was on top of the world.
Little did he know that a knock on the door would change everything…
Let’s Skip To The Good Bits is the emotional tale of one man’s journey to recovering from a savage knife attack. Darren spares no details as he lists the events that led up to the attack, and what followed. Share with Darren as he tells you what it’s really like to be the victim of an unsolved crime, the mental repercussions that knife crime can have, and his family’s struggle to obtain financial compensation.
A heartbreaking story, of love, loss and the search for acknowledgement, Darren’s experiences will have you laughing and crying in equal measure. With Darren’s help, you truly can ‘Skip To The Good Bits’ and start mending your own mental health.

This account of a terrifying attack on an ordinary working man at his own home will leave you shocked. It is open, honest, and frankly to the point... Darren's journey of his life before the attack, the events themselves, and the process of recovery makes for an eye-opening read. You feel every emotion in this book, and often wonder how you would cope if this happened to you. Hats off to Darren Barden, this is an important book that people MUST read to realise why we must get knives off of our streets... The full 5 Stars from us at Londoncrime! Jim (

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