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Living Amongst The Beasts. The rise and fall of the Grendon experiment. Terry Ellis

Terry Ellis, Living amongst the beasts
Living Amongst The Beasts

One of the criminal underworld's most notorious armed robbers and mastermind behind the 2007 £4 million heist at the Verizon business center in King's Cross London, Terry Ellis speaks about his experience's in the UK prison that house's some of its most heinous prisoners.
Not like most mainstream jail's, HMP Grendon is the only full Therapeutic prison in the UK, housing 228 men who have committed some of the worst crimes imaginable, from rapists to murderers and child killers to paedophiles. HMP Grendon might be different but it certainly isn't easy bird.
As a young criminal working his way through the ranks, Terry's biggest strength and greatest asset was violence; a product of the UK care system in the 70's, using violence he established himself within the criminal fraternity which eventually saw him as the top man behind some of the country's biggest heists.
He would soon realise that his biggest strength for all those years, was actually a weakness inside Grendon. Violence in a therapeutic community would see him returned to mainstream prison, it was inside Grendon that he learned his normal response of violence would be worthless.
Sitting and listening to the animals around him, about what they did and who they did it to, as a father himself having to listen to someone's justification about the crimes they committed against children, fighting the instinct to deliver some kind of justice to these people as you might do on the out. Would you be able to elevate above this?
All of the tools at Terry's disposal were not going to help him through this, he had to learn to live amongst the beasts.
This is the beginning of his story of redemption, his journey away from a life of criminality, the life that had already seen so many years lost due to incarceration, his story about life inside a therapeutic prison, his journey through HMP Grendon. Terry Ellis - Living amongst the beasts.

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A Word from the Author: Terry Ellis

A lot has been written about Grendon and its success in changing the thought process of the most dangerous and deviant prisoners In the country.
Most of the staff I met wholeheartedly believed in the therapeutic process, but unfortunately Grendon has become just another tick box rehabilitation programs that can be exploited.
I'm not an expert on therapy, but I engaged in its ethos and practices and I honestly believe it can help in as far has dealing with past trauma so we can move forward and be better people , equipped with the tools to enable us to make better life decisions. I'm not a peodophile, rapist or child killer, so I couldn't possibly say it worked or not for them , as I was unable to link in with their thought process on any level, but from what I witnessed throughout my time there I saw a culture of obfuscation manipulation and the perception of change.
I was fortunate enough to have taken part in the Grendon experiment, to see the real reality of therapy and write about my journey through there. To Write about the real story And not the lies joe public hear.
When you read it you will be in a better position to understand what I mean.
You will see that the democratic process is floored, one upmans ship is systemic, the commitment process can be manipulated and was on so many occasions, for no other reason than spite, revenge or collusion by the deviant mafia, even by the staff and us the more conventional criminals, which was unsettling because so many men going through Grendons therapeutic programs missed an opportunity to change their lives for ever for no other reason than their faces didn't fit, or they were not as proficient at deception as there deviant peers.
It's why I had to write this book, to let people know that the perception of change is the no 1 motivating factor for most of the men going through Grendon, because it is seen as a stepping stone foe early release for so many who go there , a situation that needs to be explored , explained and remedied.
Because the men leaving there will go on to create more victims, abuse more children, and kill.
For no other reason than the Grendon experiment has manipulated the data on men re-offending after leaving Grendon,

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