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London Crime

London Crime, Barry Faulkner

An in-depth look at the major London crimes and robberies of the 1930s - 2020. The heists, the rackets and the empires of the gangsters who ruled the city and where their money came from. Starting with the Messina Brothers in the 1930-40s and how they introduced London to people trafficking and major prostitution, through to the modern gangs. On the journey through we visit all the big heists including the Securitas and Brinks Mat bullion robberies, the Great Train Robbery, the Baker Street 'naughty photos of Princess Margaret' robbery through to the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit and all those in between in detail and take a look at the masterminds who planned them and carried them out and what happened afterwards. When millions of pounds are involved loyalties are broken and bodies turn up. We take a good look at the Krays and Richardsons and their little war and the 'names' involved like McVitie, Cornell and Fraser. It's an astounding history that will amaze you.

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