Lost Soul: Broken Soul to Soul on Fire (Getting Your Life Back) Donna Siggers

Lost Soul: Broken Soul to Soul on Fire (Getting Your Life Back)

Although not strictly a "crime book", this is from one of LondonCrime's featured authors, Swallowed by the lasting effects of brain trauma that an assault at work left her facing, Donna Siggers lost all sense of purpose. Challenges included memory loss, constant pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and seizures. Relearning who the important people in her life were, and with their support, Donna has fought diligently to regain quality of life despite it being vastly different from before. Unable to look at her own reflection and initially unaccepting of forced change, this candid account of triumph over adversity will give hope to others facing similar difficulties. Now an award-winning crime fiction author and a mental health advocate, Donna strives in spite of her experience and hopes by sharing her story it will inspire others..

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A Word from the Author: Donna Siggers

London is one of my favourite places to visit and its right on my doorstep so I’m lucky enough to be able to jump on the train each time I need inspiration for my work. The city features heavily in Broken, my psychological crime thriller.

When I connected with the face behind LondonCrime, I was given so much support and that support has continued. Having my book on the website alongside all the other talented creatives in fiction, non-fiction and film is an honour and has created a community of extended support between us. Through teamwork, and friendship we all help each other to become noticed.

    Writing began for me two years after a serious head injury and provided me with direction, focus and determination to strive again. Unable to function either physically or mentally to my full capacity, Broken gave me the scope to strengthen my memory, concentration and to a degree I lived through my characters for a while because I was unable to live the life I wanted – this book saved my sanity!
  The following words are the synopsis but also the speech from my USA trip where I won the thriller category at the Author Academy Awards for my debut novel.

“Carl Ashbeck is a psychopath. The signs were ignored in childhood, and his behaviour allowed to escalate. Leaving himself no alternative but to run away from home, he joins the US army and is deployed to Vietnam, where he meets a man who feeds his imagination beyond his wildest dreams.
During the last hours, there’s reason to seek revenge on the men who served with him and once on home soil, his personal vendetta commences. Fleeing to London, blood is soon shed on her soil too.
Years later, a team of three female detectives catch up with Ashbeck and he’s sent to prison for horrific crimes. With time on his hands, he plots his revenge.
We re-join him the day he escapes from prison, determined to see each of these women broken. Katie-Ann Warwick has, however, teamed up with Sam Cooper and he won’t see any harm come to her. Together they vanish from society in an unconventional way and venture undercover to fight the conspiracies and corruption that Ashbeck has created within London’s metropolitan police force. They need to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and former colleague, they believe to be at Ashbeck’s mercy. Faced with many truths that will test their faith in humanity, this dynamic duo will take you on a nail-biting journey of consequence, revenge, injustice and intrigue that will have you re-evaluating who you can trust.”

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