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Charlie Breaker. 'NUFF SAID.Tales of a South London Villain

Charlie Breaker 'Nuff Said
Charlie Breaker. 'Nuff Said. Tales of a South London Villain

I have written a collection of some of the more bizarre times in my life. Some are very different, some are totally crazy, some sexy, some very violent. Some serious crimes, murders, and underworld control stories. You might know me, you might have been there or just heard the tales first or second hand. Some are South London stories passed down through the generations, from the old timers that were there.
On the run from the police several times took me to Newcastle, Hereford, Cornwall, Ireland and Tenerife where I was finally locked up. There were many drug and alcohol induced wild scenes at these venues.
I worked in Jamaica for many years, selling stolen car parts through my franchises. I was earning more in a day than most Jamaicans could in six months. This bought on a brilliant lifestyle that few could comprehend.
Back in Brixton, I opened the first ever white man run Reggae club, The Red Stripe. I then got seriously involved in the ganja trading world. I ended up as Mr Brixton, the top weed supplier to the Jamaican community. I was only two down the line from the famous smuggler, Mr Nice. Howard Marks became a long time friend, always on my doorstep but I never knew him then. He cast me in the film 'Mr Nice' and mentioned me a couple a times in the sequel 'Señor Nice'.
Charlie Bronson put me in his film 'Bronson' and wrote about me in his books, as did media 'gangster', Dave Courtney. I played his uncle, Sir Charlie, in his blockbuster 'Hell to Pay'.
Check Mr Breaker in Lock Stock an’ Two Smokin’ Barrels.
No love stories here, only sex. No heroes, only villains. No justified nice guys, bad boys only.
My life was a whirlwind of crime, violence and sex, fuelled by drugs, booze and rock n roll. Not the suitable for the weak hearted.
These jackanories are laced with rhyming slang, South London humour and culture.
If there's any decency about you at all, you won't buy this book!

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As I have mentioned on other pages of this site and on social media, I do like to read the books before I put them on here. Some books are enjoyable, interesting or simply cover facts, and they are all good enough to grace the Londoncrime pages.
What can I say about Charlie Breaker's "Nuff Said"? Well, I enjoyed it.. actually, that's a lie,I absolutely bloody loved it! Charlie's reflections of his life, mixed with plenty of rhyming slang and written in the way it would be spoken plus lots of humour.. you can almost hear the man telling you the stories!
I'm not saying much else, apart from.... you have to buy this book! and I hope it brings you as much enjoyment as it has for me..Jim Fletcher (Founder of