Raving Lunacy: Clubbed to Death - Adventures on the Rave Scene. Dave Courtney. Paperback

Dave Courtney, Raving Lunacy
Raving Lunacy

Dave Courtney, whose autobiography, Stop the Ride, I Want to Get Off, was a huge bestseller, reveals all from another hidden aspect of London's underworld. Notorious in London's criminal underworld, Dave is also a big name in the club and dance scene. Raving Lunacy is the story of this double life, and how one world spilled over into the other. From parties in prisons, sewers, railway arches and aircraft hangers, to legitimacy (Dave and his partner Terry Turbo won 1999's 'Best Large Promotions of the Year'); Raving Lunacy covers the ground that Stop the Ride left out, as Dave details what went on after the doors were shut tight. The clientele that came to the parties was, in Dave's words, 'the most colourful characters London has to offer'. Dave was, as ever, in the thick of it and saw and experienced the explosion, the fallout, the casualties and the successes. Told with characteristic humour and brazen honesty, Raving Lunacy reveals the darker side of the era known as the summer of love.

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