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Reg Kray. A Way Of Life. His Final Word

A way of life

When we think of the Kray Legend, we think of Sixties London, an underground culture that has all but vanished.
Reg Kray was the torchbearer of that era in British history. But despite ongoing press interest in the world of the Krays, few have an understanding of Reg the man - a man who spent half of his life in prison and who sadly died of cancer in October 2000.
Sidgwick & Jackson published Reg and Ron's joint memoir, "Our Story", in 1988, and Ron Kray's autobiography, "My Story", in 1993. This is Reggie's story, a diary of the life he lived, with reflections on the past and the new role he found for himself 'on the inside'.
This is a story of courage and remorse, revelation and friendship. For the first time he speaks of his marriage to Roberta, of his relationship with his brothers Ron, who passed away in 1995 , and Charlie, who passed away April 2000, putting certain misconceptions straight.
Updated with a new chapter by Roberta Kray, this is a valuable document for future generations and a fascinating insight into prison life.

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Since starting the Londoncrime website, I have read several books about the Kray twins as there is so much that has been written. Some of these may enter into this section of the site but only if I feel they are worthy of adding. There is a reason that I'm picky... sometimes, the truth gets twisted into fiction.
This book however has to be added. Written by Reg Kray, tells of his life inside the prison system, of family, friends, losses and the struggles with a system that kept him in prison for too long. This is not about glamourising crime, as Reg Kray strongly advises youngsters not to follow a life of crime.
At times, this is a moving account of Reg Kray's prison years and ultimately an extremely emotional final chapter written by his wife Roberta
As I've previously stated, there are a lot of books out there about the Kray twins... but this is one that you really do need to add to your collection... it's a must read! (Jim. Londoncrime)

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