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Soul Searching. To PTSD hell and back twice. Donna Siggers

Soul Searching
Soul Searching. To PTSD hell and back twice

Following on from Donna's previous book "Lost Soul. Broken Soul to Soul on Fire, this book, Soul Searching, to PTSD hell and back twice, Donna goes into greater revealing depth of not only her life but the science behind mental trauma/ mental health. Disturbing at times, but also with it's funny moments.. there is a lot to learn from this book!
Trapped within what Donna describes as a cycle of doom, it took a life-threatening situation resulting in brain trauma that she survived, for her to step beyond the grips of what held her encapsulated within it. Soul Searching is her PTSD journey in which Donna discusses trauma frankly. Ultimately the prose conveys how, through inner determination, Donna has turned her greatest fears into courage to own her story in order to live her best life.
Scientifically aware, she shares how the chemicals our bodies naturally release interfere with recovery and mental health, in understanding this aspect of yourself Donna hopes it can forge a way forward for you too.
As stated in the description on Londoncrime for her book "Lost Soul", this is not primarily a crime book, but there are crimes within.
Donna has been a part of the Londoncrime "family" from the outset, and It's always an honour to have her books on the site. We are also very good friends that share common interests including mental health issues, which means I'm particularly honoured to be a part of this book.
(Jim Fletcher. founder)

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