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Verizon, The true story about Camden's Ocean's eleven style £100 million robbery

In 2007 the Verizon business Centre, King's Cross London played host to one of the UK's most brazen and audacious heists since the great train Robbery.
Boasting one of the Worlds most sophisticated security systems and hosting some of the most valuable banking data for several of the worlds leading banks, Verizon was considered one of the toughest jobs in the criminal underworld. Located in the middle of three large London police stations it would require expert planning and nerves of steel to even contemplate entry.
Then one evening a police fast response team would descend on the building and take control. Except it wasn't a police team, it was Camden's very own "Ocean's Eleven" gang; using disguise and deception to gain control over the whole security operation, they would leave without raising the alarm with data chips worth £5million and data worth £100million.
The story has to be seen to be believed, this is the book that follows the ringleader, the mastermind - Terry Ellis from humble beginnings in Camden Town to the most wanted man in Britain.
A man doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to pull off one of the most audacious robberies the UK has ever seen, he works towards it, he plans it and he practices his craft over a number of years.
Verizon is the true story of how Terry Ellis’ life was a dress rehearsal to the biggest score of an illustrious criminal career that took him from the streets of London, through the UK care system, across Europe, into Cambodia before coming home to pull off the biggest heist since the great train robbery.
Dubbed in the media as the “real-life ocean’s eleven gang”, Terry would eventually head up a five-man team that would circumnavigate one of the most state-of-the-art security setups in Europe to capture £5 million worth of Pentium computer chips, they would later discover the data contained on those chips would be worth in excess of £100 million.
Questioned by MI5 over links to the banking crisis of 2008, Terry would have his loyalty to a criminal code tested as he was pressed into a deal - will he break and do less time or honour his vow and accept his sentence?
Find out first hand what made the man.

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Verizon, The LondonCrime verdict

I was eagerly awaiting for the release of Terry Ellis's "Verizon", and it was well worth waiting for!

Terry tells an emotional story of his tough childhood, of family, and of the British "care" system. Terry doesn't look for sympathy, he simply tell it as it is. Direct and to the point.
The book tells of the rise through the criminal underworld, and events that lead up to the Verizon robbery of computer chips and the data on them. This was a huge job, and there were doubts, well, it seemed impossible.. but Terry masterminded the job with precision.
This book continues with events after the heist, from being "on the run" to final capture.
My view, this is a book that must not be missed. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often shocking... but it is honest and truthful. One of the best books that I have read.
I have the utmost respect for Terry Ellis, a man of honour and a man to look up to as he is a strong anti knife crime campaigner who actively talks people away from a life of crime. And, having served time at her Majesties pleasure, he knows and understands the the problems within the criminal justice system.
Buy this book, you will not regret it.. (Jim. Londoncrime)