London Crime

London Crime is an intriguing, gritty and often captivating subject. London, England has a crime history that is full of real life escapades, robberies, murders and other stories of criminal intent.

Our intention is not to glamourise crime, this site is not about the London crime news of today, other news sites can do that! We are providing fact,(check out the A TO Z) film, fiction and non fiction books, gifts and areas that you can research

If you are looking for a current crime map for London city, the website provides this information. We at do not condone criminal activity, we fully support all of the London Police areas with their continuing mission to make the streets of London safe, an extremely tough job! We take a totally unbiassed view of London's crime history, historic places and provides links to sites full of information/history, we also show you some great place to visit that you may or may not have heard of! We make no judgement, we do provide links to websites of interest, an a to z, plus books or dvds of relevance, we leave it to you to decide on the guilt or innocence of any of the cases on this site. You may not be aware of some of the stories, so if old london crime is something that intrigues and fascinates and you want to research, you will find plenty of links to news articles, websites of interest, youtube videos, books and dvds to satisfy the enquiring mind. There are books and dvds that are either informative, purely fictional or just plain fun that are definitely worth a look. In fact, we are promoting books from some amazing independant authors as well as books that are written by the people that have lived the life in the London Underworld! Look out also for books about our London Police to get an understanding of life on the thin blue line!Collect DVDs? Check out the Dvds on the films page for some top london based films and documentaries,

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