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Tony Sales

Launching our page based on crime prevention and ways to protect yourself and your family, there is no better way to start than with an article about “King Con” aka Tony Sales.

Speaking with Tony, you realise that he is as genuine a character as they come. There’s no BS, just straight talking truth. Personally, I could talk with Tony all day as he has so many stories to tell. I have spoken (and argued) on numerous occasions that ALL people can change from a life of crime, and if they can find a better path, they would take it. Tony is living proof of a man that has changed considerably from a life of pretty serious crimes and, after spending time in prison, with a young family to consider has moved on to become an authoritative figure in crime prevention. Dubbed “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster” by Rupert Murdoch and with several TV appearances under his belt Tony also speaks at huge conferences. Moreover, Tony has become a serious and trusted name in awareness and prevention of ‘social engineering’ (which includes identity theft, fraud, data breaches, ransomware infections, and even having the ability to convince you that something is true—when the reality is that you have been manipulated with convincing talk).

Catch a look at the many videos on YouTube, a quick search for “Tony Sales” will give you plenty of interesting viewing! (Plus, you’ll learn loads on crime prevention)!

The Big Con

Follow Tony’s life journey as he guides you through the pains of a troublesome childhood, through the learning curves that led him into crime (who’d have thought that video games can help you develop as a criminal)! His autobiography ‘The Big Con’ is an absolute eye-opener, as you are led through the paths of not only his life, but as you follow the stories, you can see the progression and learning processes behind a man that would manage to “steal” over £30 million in the course of his criminal past.

Tony Sales is also Co-Founder of “We Fight Fraud” and “Underworld TV”.

We Fight Fraud

Co-founded by Tony, ‘We Fight Fraud’ is fast becoming the place to find information for individuals and businesses on the many different types of fraud. A team of individuals offer unique perspectives of crime, showing important information on what to do if you’ve been scammed, plus a wide variety of content including identifying scam emails. Take a look around, there is a lot to offer and learn from. Visit We Fight Fraud Here


‘UnderworldTV’ is changing the world of film and television. As crime (whether it’s fiction or fact) is a hugely popular genre. The problem is, most crime films or TV programmes are written and produced by people that really have no real idea of the subject matter. At Underworld TV a team of ex-criminals, crime experts and top TV programme-makers bring an insider understanding and perspective to this massively important subject. Tony is ‘Head of Crime’ where he passes on his experience of being at both extremes of crime—from criminal to a top level expert on crime prevention play a huge role in ‘UnderworldTV’.

Check out UnderworldTV Now!

To sum up, get the book, watch some YouTube videos, checkout the websites to learn so much more about this extraordinary man.