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Great British Indie Film Projects

Can you help to support British Films?

Stepping aside from the great books and films that we promote at Londoncrime, we have a strong interest in supporting films.
We believe that there are some amazing projects in the pipeline from independant producers, and they need funding to make these projects happen.
Do you share the same interest that we do? We will present you with some projects that need your help, and usually, depending on the size of the donation, you can get something in return. From film posters, early viewings, extras and acting roles,tickets to premiers, or even get your name in the credits as a producer (different projects have different perks!)
Follow a project from the start, get to know who is involved, follow the actors and producers on social media,and be a part of an industry that needs your support.
Check out the amazing projects below, let's get these films onto the nation's screens!

The Methodists

The Methodists

This project has really caught the attention of us at Londoncrime, particularly because our very own "Team Londoncrime" member, Toby Sauerback has a part in this film as an East End hardened criminal!
Written and directed by Johnny Kinch, and being produced by Film Inc Productions, The Methodists is a Brit Flick brimming with dark humour and set in the heart of England. The story follows the crazy exploits of two very different hitmen, Harvey and Winks.
This is a fantastic opportunity to become involved and play your part in making this film happen. Follow the link to show your support, make a donation, or even get yourself some cool merch!
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