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An Eye For An Eye. LM Bush. Paperback

An Eye For An Eye
An Eye For An Eye: Volume 2 (Hanging Tough) Paperback

Having seen Tony survive the tempestuous teenage years and stand his ground in court, he seems untouchable. With the world at his feet, he sets his sights on becoming the next big business mogul, but not without blood on his hands. Awash with debauchery and a turf war, emotions run high, and there’s trouble ahead and a heartache so painful that Tony fears he’ll never recover. His only escape is to run from the demons that taunt him and run he does… straight into the arms of misfortune. Will he make it or die trying? Find out in the second part of Hanging Tough’s An Eye for an Eye. Based on true events.

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LondonCrimeLisa Bush
A Word from the Author: Lisa Bush

Feeling very humbled and incredibly priveledged to be included here on 'London Crime' amoungst such talented authors. I guess my feelings of angst are generated from the fact that I am a total newbe to this world of writing having only just self- published book 3 in the Hanging Tough Crime Series.
After reaching a certain milestone age, I decided I wanted to do something which I considered to be 'grown up' and publishing a book was one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading books from the crime genre and felt drawn towards this area of writing.
Like most of us that grew up in the 'Good Ol East End, I knew a handful of rogues whether friend or family and after gaining their consent, I began to put together what I had learnt and so the Hanging Tough trilogy was born.
The story is based on true events, although some of which have either been elaborated or toned down. Its a story following a young boy growing up on a council estate in East London, learning to fend for himself and being drawn into the underworld of crime to survive. A rollercoaster of events keep knocking him down with the added twist of heartbreak and deceit. It'll make you laugh, cry and wince in places that's for sure, and definatley not for the fainthearted.
The response and reviews I have received was mind blowing to say the least and with that, I found myself plotting new storylines for more books as I have enjoyed every single minute of it.
My everyone else that starts out ... be up there, hitting the best sellers lists, being approached by agents, but for now, well... I'm just Hanging Tough
lisa xx

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