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Barking Boy. Kerry Kaya.

Barking Boy Kerry Kaya crime london
Barking Boy Paperback

Against his parent’s wishes, east London's nineteen-year-old Tommy Carter throws away a promising career as a professional boxer to work for local villain Davey Abbott. Slowly he climbs the ranks and is promoted from collecting debts to working the protection rackets and strip clubs. When Davey's old adversary Dean Johnson comes on to the scene hell bent on revenge, Tommy must take action and do everything he can to survive. When his boss is murdered in the crossfire, Tommy is stunned to learn that Davey has left his business interests to him. Recruiting his younger brothers to work for him, the Carters become a family that are both respected and feared. But its bank robberies that Tommy really excels at, and staying one step ahead of the police, Tommy plans out the robbery of all robberies when he plans to steal from the Top Dog of the East End, Freddie Smith. After months of planning will it become one robbery too many when as a consequence everyone Tommy loves is at risk from the backlash of Freddie Smith and his henchmen. Action packed gripping gangland London crime Thriller

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A Word from the Author: Kerry Kaya

My name is Kerry and I live on the border of East London and Essex. I grew up on one of the largest council estates in the UK, and it is here that I set my novels. In a way I am very lucky to live here as each time I step outside my front door I see and meet people who’s traits and way of life make up the colourful and sometimes charming characters that I write about, and I believe it’s this knowledge that brings the characters to life in my books.
I have always had a passion for books and I begun writing stories when I was a child. Those stories soon become full length novels, and I wrote my first novel, which was a historical romance when I was in my twenties.
I am fascinated by crime, true and fiction and my crime series was influenced by a conversation I had with my younger brother about football violence. Many rewrites and years later I completed what would become the second novel in the series, Top Dog.
After writing and thinking about my main character, Danny McKay, for over ten years I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to him, so I went back and added in the Carter family to my novel so that I could go on and write what then became the first book in the series, Barking Boy. In doing this I was able to give my character Danny McKay a minor role. I’m so glad that I did write Barking Boy as the novel has had some wonderful reviews and I am honoured to have it showcased on the LondonCrime website amongst many other talented authors.

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