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Bound: Book Three of the Warwick Cooper Thrillers

Bound, Donna Siggers

Bound is the final book in the Warwick Cooper trilogy.
We join the team as Sam Cooper fights for his life, leaving Kate-Ann Warwick and Liam Prittle no choice but to team up in order to continue the mission of fighting the challenges, corruption and deception surrounding the RAVEN case. Murder victims continue to show up but the rules have changed since Ashbeck's death and the arrest of Kerry Preston. Two significant finds allow the team to finally make the links they need but just how much danger will this place them in?
Tension is raw as lives are risked once again. Who will survive and who will escape?

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A Word from the Author: Donna Siggers

Waking with no memory was a daunting prospect. I'd been assaulted at work, having received six punches to the head and it slammed against a wall. Surrounded by what used to be my work-my extensive knowledge of criminology and psychology-a close friend suggested a good way to relearn how to read and write would be to sit down and do just that-write.
Not one to take on half measures, The Warwick Cooper Thrillers trilogy was born. Broken, my debut novel took a considerable time to complete, as you might imagine but, amazingly it went on to be nominated for a global award. Still recovering from brain trauma, I took a huge risk, an international flight to America alone, and delivered a series of speeches to audiences exceeding four hundred (which were sometimes live streamed to one million). Somewhat daunted by this, I arrived an introvert but left an extrovert. Broken propelled me onto a global stage, literally. Winning an award for a novel I didn't recall writing not only gave me the confidence to continue, it gave me validation that I was healing from my ordeal and that in itself was priceless. My injury had left me facing life-changing circumstances-disability-that I was determined to be enabled from and writing opened those doors for me.
Completing The Warwick Cooper Thrillers trilogy has been a personal victory under extreme circumstances. Sharing my extensive knowledge of criminology and psychology-my experiences through life and work-from tragedy-guarantees my readers a raw, edgy, nail-biting, and explosive experience as they embed themselves into the world I've created. Don't expect, because I'm a woman, that I'll hold back on the gore. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you've looked into the souls of those who didn't think there was hope and provided it or into the souls of those that have destroyed others, and not judged, there's a lot to carry on your shoulders. Writing helps to unburden that load.

My Soul2ink podcast, at the time of writing this, is in the early stages of launching but it's an exciting project that I cannot wait to share. Writing has become my passion and by sharing this new knowledge with others I'm hopeful that it will encourage others to pick up a pen or open a laptop and they too will begin writing.

Mental health, as you might imagine, is important to me. Not only do I hold qualifications that enabled me to work in a therapeutic setting, I've also written two books on the subject. Firstly, my biographical account from the assault, Lost Soul is a short and candid account. Recently described as "an amazingly challenging book. Don't be fooled by its brevity, a powerful but measured account of trauma at its worst" is my recovery story from head trauma. Taken from medical records, stories shared from those around me and my journal, this book conveys my journey of recovery and poetry that was written during therapy. Secondly, I've written about how I recovered in a way that shares psychological knowledge, useful tools and methods alongside goal setting that will enable others to overcome the limits they don't realise they've set upon themselves. Written, not about me but for others, this book will enable you to unlock your potential to overcome challenges.

Being a team member of London Crime is a great privilege. Jim, thank you for your friendship and trust and also for having my work on the site. The years are mounting up now and it's getting to the point I've met a fair few of your family! London Crime is a fantastic concept and one that you have built a community around. Keep up your wonderful work.
For more information on me and my work please visit DONNASIGGERS.COM

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