Seven Degrees. Lewis Hastings. Volume 2 of the Seventh Wave series

Seven Degrees: Volume 2 (The Seventh Wave) Paperback

Thriller. An Eastern European crime syndicate has appeared on the radar of the British authorities. Known as the Seventh Wave they have arrived in the heart of London,the most important financial centre in the world. Systematically they target the banks and financial institutions before fleeing the city for the safety of mainland Europe. Their leader, a man who calls himself the Jackdaw has sent a clear message. Interfere with our operation at your peril. The group carry out one last task – striking at the heart of London’s jewellery centre. What they leave with is worth more than any jewel and capable of impacting on the future of Europe. John "Jack" Cade is recruited as the Metropolitan Police's answer. Newly promoted, out of his depth but quick-witted, skilled and surrounded by a dedicated team who fall under the banner of Operation Breaker, he faces two choices, both of which he knows will lead to serious harm. Protect the city or protect his team. He cannot do both

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Have you read the first Seventh Wave Novel, Seventh by Lewis Hastings?

Seventh: Volume 1 (The Seventh Wave) Paperback

Thriller. NEW ZEALAND. John "Jack" Cade has left his life, an eager and overly-playful wife and a career long behind him. A decade earlier, destined for a stable and solid progression in the British Police he had quickly risen to fame for his vision and command of an operation targeting a savvy, cruel and frustratingly-well organised Eastern European crime syndicate led by a sociopathic male known as The Jackdaw. Now as far away from his homeland as he could be without heading home again he had swept the positives and the ghosts of ten years prior under the carpet and had begun to live a life as close to normal as a man with his past ever could. A memorable night in Hong Kong and a visit from Lady Luck ensured that he could live a comfortable life; picking up an enquiry here and a girl there. Lately it had been more of the former until stereotypically a girl walked into a bar, started a conversation and captured his imagination. Younger, achingly attractive, intelligent and yet somehow familiar he began to wonder how he could possibly be so lucky twice.Try as he may, his insecurities controlled his thoughts and limited his actions as again and again two simple words kept forming in his mind. Why him? Optimism, a rare visitor disagreed. Why not? Gripping!

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A Word from the Author: Lewis Hastings

Lewis Hastings is a pseudonym. British but with international connections he describes himself as “Somewhere in region of the new forty, married, to the same woman, twice, with two amazing adult children, two young grandchildren and lives in a house by a lake.”
He has a day job that links him to international law enforcement and importantly one which enables him to write with complete authenticity.

Lewis started writing, with a passion, in his school days. His English teacher once said that 'At times his writing is verging on genius. However, the remaining ninety per cent of the time it is an insult to the paper it is written on...' This single comment lowered a seed into the potting compost of his imagination that would bear fruit many years later...many, years later.
Hell hath no fury like an author scorned! In 2014 he released his autobiography Actually The World Is Enough – originally intended as a vehicle to print just five copies. One for the bookshelf, one for his children and one each for his parents. He travelled across the world to read it to his dad as he lay in a hospice. His dad thoroughly enjoyed the book – but picked out one of the real-life moments and said “Son, you have to tell that story to the world…you need to write!”
It was during this cathartic period of his life that another seed was sown. He had met a beautiful Bulgarian female in 2008 at an international border, the story she told him, in the course of his profession would inspire him to create the crime trilogy which has become known as the Seventh Wave with the main character being called John 'Jack' Cade, Cade, named after a British rebel of the fourteen hundreds is a man recently fractured by an overly playful wife and a particularly unpleasant boss. He takes a chance, moves on, finds a new life, a life that is full of promise until he meets Niko.
The first story, Seventh was released in May 2017 and continues to attract critical acclaim. Described as 'Dark, racy, edge of the seat writing' and 'thoroughly believable' it was quickly followed by the sequel Seven Degrees which was published in 2018 and took the reader deeper into the story, revealing the characters and involving the reader in a cinematographic experience. The final instalment Seven of Swords hit the shelves in June 2019 and is already attracting some really positive feedback for its incredible realism and timeliness – during a period of unprecedented British political turbulence. What makes the Seventh Wave incredible is the fact that it is based on real events and real people.
A completely new Cade story started in May 2019 and is already well ahead of schedule. Based around the apparent ramblings of a World War 2 veteran with dementia it links Britain to West Africa and draws the reader back into the present day and a web of intrigue that involves politicians, the military and even the police themselves.
Lewis says he adores writing, it is his escape from the harsh realities of life that ironically provide him with the endless stories. The fact that people genuinely enjoy his books makes it so much more worthwhile and rewarding.
He is hoping that the final planet aligns in 2019 and he obtains that elusive agency or publishing deal, as to quote a reader 'These stories deserve to be told'.

"I can say with total authority that Jim has done an outstanding job of bringing together the most eclectic group of authors - anywhere - under one roof." LH.

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