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The Long Good Friday.(1980) The Iconic British Gangster movie

The Long Good Friday 
The Long Good Friday (DVD)

The Long good friday is universally regarded as one of the greatest British gangster films ever made, The Long Good Friday rocketed Bob Hoskins to international stardom playing the part of Harold Shand. Bob Hoskins plays the part brilliantly in The Long Good Friday, this is a gangster movie with a great plot, fantastic views, and is a pure slice of movie history. Harold Shand (Bob Hoskins) is a businessman with great ambitions, a London gangster, who aspires to become a legitimate businessman that is trying to form a partnership with a boss of the American Mafia, with plans to redevelop London's Docklands. Spotting the development potential of London's derelict Docklands area years before the Thatcher government, he tries to broker a deal with his American counterpart that will make them both millions. But who is killing Harold's other associates and blowing up his businesses - and why?
An all time classic film, The long good Friday has some real decent footage of London in the late 70's. (The film was actually completed in 1979, but delays in the release tends to see this a 1980 release. Don't miss out, add this to your collection of crime films!

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