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Carlton The Final Say. Paperback. Carlton Leach

Carlton The Final Say

I try to read all of the books that I present on this website, I believe it gives a certain amount of "Quality control" to the visitors here.
Although I won't slag off any particular authors in the "true crime" genre for the pure drivel that they commit to paper, I simply won't present their books here because they don't meet my "standards"! I leave it up to you to spot the missing "true crime" authors, and if you've got a decent detective hat on, then you could work it out for yourselves who the missing authors may be.(although there may be some that I simply haven't got to read yet!)

Carlton Leach's previous best seller from 2003 "Muscle" gave a real insight into the tough world that he had been a part of for over 20 years.. the book was successful and it also sits proudly in my personal collection, if you haven't read it yet, then I suggest you buy a copy!

Moving forward to now, 2021 and the release of "Carlton, The Final Say".. This book will also sit proudly within my collection!
near on two decades on from "Muscle", Carlton presents his life from early school years right up to present day and including sections from close friends and family members plus never before seen photos . This hasn't got the "feel" of a bog-standard autobiography.. This is as close as you can get to going out for a drink with Carlton and his crew without actually going for a drink with him! It truly is a great book that not only gives you Carlton Leach's personal and up-close history, but also some revealing things that are close to his heart and the things (and people) that are not.

Books like this will always take a proud placement on the Londoncrime website,(and on my bookshelf!) do yourself a favour and grab a copy.. Jim (Londoncrime founder)

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Reflecting upon his childhood and the renowned 90s so as to fill in blanks that have remained largely unspoken of, The Final Say is set to reveal what Carlton's life has been like over the last 2 decades….this book is sure to surprise many who have pre-conceptions on both his beliefs and his private life! Offering so much more than just violence and crime, this book also delves into intimate details of Carlton's life, from his east London up-bringing including his 1960s and 70s schooling, the highs experienced over decades of partying in Ibiza, to the immense pain of watching his father fade and pass away, plus so much more inbetween. Here, Carlton recalls the most extreme moments in his life that have yet to be discussed, from the most joyous to the excruciating. This is a rare opportunity to hear, not just from the man himself, but also from those closest to him; Carlton's family and inner-circle. For Carlton, it's time to set rumours straight, leave his legacy and for him to have the final say. Going a step further than the written word, this book also includes over 35 never before published photographs!

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