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Fitted Up And Fighting Back, Kevin Lane

Fitted up and Fighting back.

Be warned, I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! Kevin Lane is clearly an innocent man that has lost a large part of his life to a wrongful inprisonment. Read it, study it, this is a shocking but well written book that will see you on an emotional roller coaster. *Jim,

Important, alarming and urgent, this powerful book raises many troubling questions not just about the conviction of Kevin Lane but about the criminal justice system. Also it exposes the use of public interest immunity certificates to keep important evidence hidden from police view. Over 25 years he has not waivered in his insistence that he did not commit murder. He has always believed there was a conspiracy to put him on trial and by turning detective and lawyer he has discovered things about bent coppers and their relationships with serious criminals that look like a plot from the Sopranos.

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