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Like Father Like Son: A Journey of Minds, Joe Pyle

Joe Pyle, Like Father, Like Son
Like Father Like Son: A Journey of Minds

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON, A Journey of Minds is the joint work of Joe Pyle snr and jnr. Both keen lovers of poetry, this book is a compilation of both poem books looking at Life and From Villain to verse-maker. The book also contains a few unknown stories as well a few excerpts from the script of the motion picture currently in post-production about the life of Joe Pyle snr.
There are extra poems that never made it to their poetry books, one of which is a poem snr wrote for Ronnie Kray when he was in Parkhurst prison. Joe also include a few chapters of his time in South Africa, a fun time which turned very dark. It is a tale of Joe's life which few people know about, but it's included into this book as there have been talks about the possibility of a future movie being created from it.

Fascinating insight into Joe Pyle's life and time spent in Afrika, exciting, harsh and often terrifying times! There are words to live by in the terrific poetry from both Joe Pyle Jnr and Snr. This is definitely a must-read for your collection! ( Buy Now