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Unlicensed. The True story behind the phenomenon of Unlicensed Boxing, Joe Pyle jnr


UNLICENSED - WHO'S THE GUV'NOR The True story behind the phenomenon of Unlicensed Boxing

The Men – The Fights – The History…
True and astonishing accounts of how London’s gangsters took control of the UK boxing scene and created a billion-dollar worldwide industry.

UNLICENSED - Who’s the Guv’nor Setting the record straight on five decades of the most notorious title in boxing.
From its humble beginnings in London's underworld to the associations of the world’s leading boxing promoters. The dark and dangerous world of illicit boxing has created legends and myths, bestselling books, documentaries and Hollywood movies...
Now! Hear about it from the men behind the scenes….
ROY SHAW & LENNY MCLEAN had three epic battles that set London alight. They fought to be The GUVNOR. To hold the most Notorious position in the fighting world.
The most dangerous man on the planet…

Three fights that have gone down in history and created legends and cemented the Guv’nor title as royalty!
This book is about that title, it’s how it began, and the fighting breed who lost blood fighting for it.
As boxing promoters go, Joey Pyle is the best, he is a silver-tongued, charismatic, dangerous f**ker. He has the ability to hold everyone at arm's length, and you're only in Joey's company if invited. He's a good friend but a bad enemy.

WARNING! This book can seriously alter your views on the boxing world!

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